Professional Electric Muscle Massager Gun


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Professional Electric Muscle Massager Gun

Professional Electric Muscle Massager Gun is another powerful and cheap package. Back rub just requirements 5 minutes of vivid beating, adequately brushing muscle sash, advancing blood and lymphatic reflux, arousing body energy, assisting clients with assuaging muscle solidness and touchiness, and improving the general wellbeing of human delicate tissues.

[3 levels of recurrence and 4 back rub heads]: level 1: muscle enactment, level 2: deterioration of lactic corrosive, level 3: profound back rub. Round knead head,suitable for rubbing arm, midriff, back, hip, thigh, calf …; U sort rub head, reasonable for rubbing the neck and cervical twist; Cylindrical back rub head,deep tissues and exact, like meridians, palms, sole; Air pad rub head, appropriate for body delicate tissue, touchy muscle gatherings.

[Mini and calm With a free convenient case ]: Equipped with another age of profound air commotion decrease innovation, the clamor decrease is stifled inside 35 decibels, and it isn’t upset by commotion while loosening up the muscles. The muscle knead firearm weighs 0.8 pounds. The lightweight body can be handily conveyed whenever, anyplace. Appropriate for ladies, the moderately aged and the old. Appropriate for wellness aficionados, fitness coaches, competitors, and so on

[Lasting Battery life]: High-power brushless engine is outfitted with 2400mAh battery-powered lithium battery (the battery isn’t removable). After completely energized for 3 hours, the back rub firearms can be utilized for 3-5 hours (contingent upon the power of the back rub you use), and has a super warmth scattering capacity to make it run for quite a while frame, and won’t quit working because of overheating.

[Easy to use]: Handle massager can be one-given and agreeable, and can keep hands from slipping and falling. The ergonomic hold can limit the impact of outside power. It embraces LCD screen for demonstrating speed level and battery power. If it’s not too much trouble, contact the catch to change the speed level to decisively control the recurrence.



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