Percussion Massage Gun


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Percussion Massage Gun

Percussion Massage Gun the Mebak Chic can be broadly utilized among competitors, long haul volt case manager, office swarm, drivers, weight lifters, wellness devotees, and sports lovers, and so on or some other individuals has muscle torment issue and the individuals who need a body unwinding for back neck leg muscle help with discomfort, dissolve away your body weariness and touchiness after exercise or long time work.


Much longer back rub handle can reach back effectively for knead firearm than normal size available. By dully strikes profound muscle layer up to 12 mm, advance powerful muscle relief from discomfort, gives loosens up tense muscles and help muscle to stretched.


5 flexible speed +3 Auto speed, goes from 1600-2900 percussion each moment, from delicate to solid, you can pick the best speed mode as per your body condition. AUTO MODE has a default speed cycle, you don’t have to change speed constantly, it will naturally enter speed 1-speed 4 back rub cycle when in auto speed mode.

Enduring BATTERY LIFE: Equipped with a battery-powered 2400mAh Lithium battery, goes on for 2-3 hours rub use on a solitary charge (contingent upon the back rub force you use). The charging voltage rate is 100V-240V 50/60Hz Max 0.5A.



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